Our Specialisation

UPIMAC provides expertise for both middle and senior level private and public Human Resource Managers, personnel and training officers. Experts have wide knowledge in Human Resource Management, personnel management and personnel training. We undertake human resource accounting and person versus position value career planning and development succession planning, localization planning and evaluation of human resource development efforts.

Provision of key strategic information, education, communication (IEC) interventions to create awareness of the dangers of HIV/AIDS and influence adoption of behaviors that protect people from HIV infection.

  1. Training, assessing impact of HIV/AIDS in workplaces
  2. Having HIV/AIDS interventions
  3. Working out mitigation measures for the negative impact of HIV/AIDS
  4. Managing HIV/AIDS, interventions in communities
  5. Advising on coordination mechanism and policy development as well as programmatic approaches and strategies
  6. Advising on resource mobilization
  7. Advising on gender issues and involuntary of PHA.
  8. HIV/AIDS interventions in other key development activities
  9. Networking
  10. To carry out research
  11. Development of a databank.

As a firm, UPIMAC aims at empowering communities by designing effective strategies for people to participate in social, economic and political processes in order to bring about positive change. We are conscious that sustainable socio-economic development which improves the quality of life of people can only be achieved through mobilizing individuals´┐Ż own efforts for effective and efficient utilization of limited and scarce resources.

UPIMAC ensures effective mobilization by liaising with a variety of agencies, groups and individuals in order to create awareness, understanding, and improved response to interventions. We work hand in hand with local institutions including community based organizations, women groups, community own resource persons, NGOS, the media and local government institutions to facilitate structural change and development within the community.

Our network of operation stretches to all regions of the country, from national to grass root level as well as internationally. Our experts have worked extensively on donor and government funded programmes with both local and central government in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethopia, Sudan, Rwanda, etc. at all levels.

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